Joan Flaherty

Synchronicity in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle (1993) directed by Nora Ephron is a romance, comedy love story that shows examples of true love through a form of telepathic connection. A type of connection that is powerful and extraordinary. The power of Synchronicity demonstrates the dominant theme in the movie ‘Sleepless in Seattle.”  Synchronicity is the quality is similar events, thoughts and mental images occurring before they happen.  The Power of synchronicity in the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” explains how specific techniques and design elements contribute to the establishment of cinematography, editing, and acting styles

One specific technique used in Sleepless in Seattle is realistic styled acting that looks natural, and does not draw attention to itself, but still gives the impressions of a genuine human experience (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014, sect,5.4). An example of this is in the scene when Annie character’s try’s to hide unrealistic feeling of intense emotions of feelings for Sam, despite the fact she is humbly engaged to Walter (Bill Pullman) and lives thousands of miles away, but the moment when Annie hears Sam’s voice over the radio program, she immediately falls in love with Sam, even though she has never met him. This is the symbolic sign of a telepathic connection that correlates to the power of synchronicity. She feels as if she already knows Sam on a deeper spiritual level, from another past life or event. When Annie is at home, awake at night, she desperately wonders what is missing in her life, as she replays the recordings of the Dr’ Marsh’s radio channel about how Sam is dealing with the grief of his deceased wife when his concerned son named Jonah first called on the radio to request to be on air to get his father talking Similar, Sam begins to receive little hints of connection that continues to appear throughout the movie with several universal signs which remind Annie about the true love she seeks is also looking for the same type of love connection. For example, Sam and Annie are constantly put into parallel spaces, where one is sending messages, and the other is actively listening through the transmission of Dr Marsha’s radio station.

When Sam’s son Jonah reads a letter from Annie sent to Sam asking him to meet her in New York. Jonah suggests that Sam should go to New York to meet Annie, though despite Sam’s stubborn resistance Jonah braves the decision to purchase a plane ticket to New York and travel on his own to find `Annie.

Based on Torre (2014) states “Fredrickson (2013a) defines love as a connection. “Love is the supreme emotion that occurs when two people share one or more positive feelings. When there is synchronicity between the behaviors and biochemical processes of the two people; and when there is a motivation to invest in each other’s well-being in a way that brings about mutual care and growth (Standing in Love: Unpacking and Unlocking the Supreme Emotion, 2014). Jonah’s unconditional love for his father, is what motivated his invested efforts in bringing Annie and Sam together because he believed the two were meant for each other because they shared mutual feelings of positive connection.

The key elements of Mise en Scene is in a character’s relationship to the story’s theme, the development of a plot and how actors are placed in a scene (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014, sect 5.2). The theme of synchronicity shows how the sequence of both characters Annie and Sam correlates similar struggle of sleepless nights. The actor of Sam’s character (Tom Hanks) makes the story a subgenre of comedy when this style of acting plays a humorous and pessimist romantic type.

The cinematography editing in Sleepless in Seattle creates a natural and realistic design setting of two lovers who are unconsciously obsessed with the thoughts of love for each other, even though they live in different cities, and have never met until the last moments of the movie. The power of synchronicity sparks when Annie (Meg Ryan) meet Sam (Tom Hanks) for the first time on top of the Empire state building.

In conclusion, the movie Sleepless in Seattle theme helps understand the fundamental design of how the power of synchronicity works to attract true love relationship connections. True connection that enhances the audiences mental, physical, and emotional well-being.  All together love makes a difference when individuals pay attention to the pattern of thoughts and events that repeat or magically appears as Deja-vu.


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