Joan Flaherty


Brainstorming is about visualization. I find the visualizing and creating vision boards are very effective when trying to get words out onto paper. It is a great tool to use when I experience writer’s block.

Visualization is the key to brainstorming. I strongly believe the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

If there is a problem to be solved, rather it’s personal or professionally work related. I believe we need to brainstorm thoughts as a way to share and collaborate for a greater innovative connection. This is done by organized sequence and precision.

For example, summarizing large information to a practical, thoughtful insight in creative writing.

Brainstorming also includes using technical reasoning, which means taking risk to revel uniqueness. Looking at things from different perspectives. This helps,an individual to see the bigger picture in life. Technical reasoning also means having the ability to push yourself beyond limitations, to develop deeper meaningful knowledge.

The task that I struggle with the most and sometimes feel uncomfortable is reading text from beginning to end. As a a result I often skim though class material in order to keep myself from getting bored.

However, while reading chapters from books, annotating and note-taking is an effective skill to learn, I notice that this helps in keeping track of my ideas and thoughts. It also helps to stay focus on a purpose of goal.

The other important aspect of writing is reciting. Reciting means restating what I learned, an example is the I take a test, I tend to focus on the questions I got wrong or from the failures I make in my writings. I think this is more useful and efficient than writing lengthy papers that tend to go off topic.

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