Joan Flaherty

Learning Inventory Connections

Strong-Willed Learner:
Technical Reasoning=29

Sequence: I use my sequence pattern sometimes in my professional work experience.  An example is when I am given enough time to revise and edit an assigned task. Using my sequence pattern helps maximize my workspace to complete my boss and/or co-workers expectations.

Technical: Is definitely the pattern most effective in my life out of the four, I use my technical for almost everything I do in life. Something has to have a meaning of purpose. Example’s of my life are combinations of my beliefs, values, and idea’s about life. Every experience I face, I learn new insights to understand how things work. I strongly believe the saying less is more.

Confluence; is using my creative strengths to think outside. Taking risk of breaking rules to explore beyond my imagination. I often have the ability to see things differently than others.  I believe everything is connected. We are all evolving human creators.

Precise; I am aware that I use this pattern, mostly now as I continue to learn online throughout my learning journey,  to become a better version of myself.

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